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Whether you are headed for a secular or Christian school, our goal is to help prepare the next generation of leaders to find their purpose and calling.  This Christian College Planning newsletter is a publication of College Assistance Plus – CNY.   We want to provide parents with tools for college preparation, major and career selection, reducing tuition, decisions regarding a Christian or Secular college, connecting with campus ministries in advance,  FCA, NCAA Sports programs, and helping students to thrive academically, socially, spiritually and financially.  We want to see each student emerge from college with a viable career and/or ministry and with the lowest possible student loan debt so they can have a good start in life.  More on these  links:


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You will find free information, tools, and resources here as well as a description of CAPlus fee-based services.   See FINANCIAL STRATEGIES that you and your friends will appreciate on the Special Topics link of  You’ll learn helpful tips from Crown Financial Ministries and the below publications and and televisions shows.  ABC runs for 5 minutes highlighting a particularly great outcome, It’s About Money 27 minutes, and PBS WCNY is 60 minutes in length.  Read family success stories or download a brochure.  See SEMINARS near you which we webcast anywhere or run in your church, organization or company.   The best is to contact us for a free phone strategy session for financial and spiritual success.


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Let’s get the word out so that every church prepares this year’s grads.   70-80% of Christian High School grads fall away from fellowship during the first year of college.  Freshman Orientation at Syracuse and many other colleges starts Aug 18.  When students connect in advance to new friends in campus ministries they succeed and grow.  The first 72 hours are critical.  When Churches or Christian schools use the below video and incorporate the material on the below flyer, they go from losing most to keeping most in the faith that first year.   Read what area pastors say.   Share this with your pastors or friends so that not one student is lost this year!

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Email us this Student Questionnaire and we’ll provide you with recommendations for your students.

CNY Client Examples and Companies who use CAPlus.

We can hold seminars in your church or conduct fundraisers for sports and other groups.

Have college questions?  Contact  John Decker  315-656-7973 

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Click FCA Image learn how to bring FCA to your middle school or high school.

The college process is much less forgiving than it was when today’s parents went to school.   Prices have jumped 271% in the past 25 years, and a student starting college today will pay 28-30% more during their senior year at a university.

Who is CAPlus?

We are your partner for every year of high school, college and grad school to help find a:






Calculate the benefits of approaching College correctly – Here

CNY Client Examples and Companies who use CAPlus.

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Here are some references of families and institutions who have used CAPlus.  We can connect you with them personally upon request.

CNY Client Examples and Companies who use CAPlus.

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College Assistance Plus was founded in 2004 by Paul Celuch, born out of  a relationship with the late Larry Burkett from Crown Financial Ministries.   While running Crown classes in his church, he saw that today’s students were graduating huge debt, and often without jobs. This hampered young people from succeeding, having a good marriage, or moving into ministry.

The national client engagement team have become the leading national experts in all aspects of college including negotiating lower costs and finding fitting and marketable majors.  Corporate Headquarters Team  – Honeoye Falls NY (near Rochester).  

The CAPlus-CNY relationship team covers Watertown to Binghamton, and Auburn/Syracuse to Utica.  We can also serve individuals anywhere in the country.   Each of us uses this position as a “tent-maker” to enable ministry work that we do, such as empowering the next generation to succeed in college and make an impact on college and high school campuses.   See transition stories from parents and pastors here.

We’d be glad to help your high school students or church in any way.

John Decker   315-480-1232 – Syracuse Office – Team Leader

Brian Smith  315-622-8893  – Syracuse Office

  • In addition to CAPlus, Brian serves as the pastor of Holy Trinity Syracuse, and has done significant work helping in seeing believers and pastors welcomed into public high schools to assist with the academic, financial, and spiritual success of these schools.

Joe Wicks  315-601-4057 – Utica/Hamilton Office

  • In addition to CAPlus, Joe serves as the Youth Leader of Resurrection Life Church near Hamilton NY, and has extensive experience working with public schools regarding state-run tobacco abatement programs.

Scott Fitzsimmons  315-200-7275 – Phoenix/Oswego Office

  • In addition to CAPlus, Scott is the CNY regional leader for the home school network LEAH, and and has engaged in many fruitful ministry projects over the years.



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August 18 is the beginning of Freshmen orientation at Syracuse University and many colleges.   We know that 70-80% of Christian high school grads fall away from the faith during college.   Most of this happens as a result of the high need for association and the friends and roommates they meet during the first weeks.  Every John Decker  315-480-1232





CAPLUS 3-TIER SERVICECNY Client Examples and Companies who use CAPlus.

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Click the image for summer  strategies to be best prepared for the extremely busy Fall pre-college period.  Learn about what to do during a visit, how to select colleges and majors, and a new form of free scholarships available during the early part of this summer.

College Coach


It’s amazing how a expert third party can help get everyone on the same page!

The average student changes majors 3-4 times and as a result spends 5.5 years as an undergrad.  53% of recent grads are unemployed or in non-degree jobs – and half have moved back home as “boomerang kids”. Just as serious, many who could have picked the right major for a satisfying and interesting career, end up plugging along in a job that does not harness their true potential as a person.

This is all entirely preventable.  Our proven College Coach process helps students get closer to their right major and eliminate false starts so they get out in four years with a much better chance of getting a job they love.  By integrating an assessment tool and personal meetings or Skype sessions with our “College Coach”, students become focused and gain energizing vision to find their direction and a satisfying marketable career.

We correlate job interests with real salary projections and career paths.   As you engage with your personal Education Specialist during the course of our standard service, this baseline of understanding is then adjusted as-needed  through undergrad and grad school, and tied to our personal job interview and networking training.

Did you know that some majors garner better scholarships than others, and that and “undeclared major” is a recipe for a poor offer?   We were able to get a pre-med major $8000 more per year in one case by declaring Chemistry over Biology.  A declared major fills a seat…. that pays a professor!   These are some of the things that we’ve learned by investigating the nuances of the college business model for nearly 10 years.

The stakes are much higher and the situation is less forgiving than when the prior generation attended college.  Due to the today’s high cost of education and soft job market,  it’s important to know a target major, or at least have a short list of majors PRIOR to conducting college searches and visits.  We hear stories every day about how a college selection based on emotion leads to real problems down-stream.    Making logical and informed decisions as a family unit is more productive and creates a great bonding and satisfying experience through this period as we launch our kids towards their futures.

(And yes, they’ll eventually realize you’ve been a genius….. all along!)

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